Essay On Is The American Dream Dead

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Although some people feel as though the American Dream is inaccessible to all, or even dead, the truth is that America still provides access to the American Dream through education, equal opportunity, and security. Many Americans, including professionals and individuals alike, feel as though the American Dream is too far out of reach and have little hope for its return. One reason that Americans feel that America does not provide access to the American Dream is because Citizens with lower income may not be able to purchase the luxuries that we have all come to take for granted. “While recent consumer confidence surveys indicate that Americans seem somewhat optimistic about the overall economy, most polls and studies show that we are anxious…show more content…
"Is the American Dream Dead?" The Conversation. N.p., 01 Apr. 2016. Web. 29 Sept. 2016. "Plunging homeownership rates" Graph (Source: St. Louis Federal Reserve.) She explains more in depth that the renting has also take a sharp incline. “As homeownership rates have dropped, the number of renter households has grown,” Dickerson say, “In fact, renter households are now the majority in nine of the 11 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. Renting is no longer limited to recent high school or college graduates as the majority of renters in the country are 40 years or older, up from 43 percent in 1995.” Similar to this, “30 Days on Minimum Wage,” follows Morgan Spurlocke, and his fiancé Alex, through their journey of living 30 days on minimum wage in Columbus Ohio. During their ordeal they find that most of the apartment, to include low income housing, are priced at over four hundred dollars per month and they stil have yet to secure food, water, and jobs; keep in mind that they only start out with three hundred dollars, or the equivalent of one weeks salary between the both of them. The documentary shows how working on minimum wage, or $5.15 per hour in their case, is a grueling task. On top of
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