Essay On Islamic State

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Since 2013, the world has been shocked and suffered from many horrific chaos, military attacks, kidnap, killings, murdering, territory invading from a rising group whose name is the Islamic State). Many Western countries have worried about their security for not be able to distinguish who are terrorists or who are not or their territories would be attacked by their own citizen who return form Iraq or Syria as “lone wolf.” The rising of Islamic State has threatened the security of has scattered their threat and scare on people and nations throughout over the world and it also has been a disaster for public image of Islam. In its operation and activities, Islamic State revealed its essential purpose is the ambition to control the word and…show more content…
In 2014, the Islamic State established its capital city at al-Raqqa, a town they took from Syria.
Since the establishment of the ISIS, by their online propaganda and recruitment, it has attracted many people who are volunteers from all over the world from more than 50 countries in which there are many Al Qaeda veterans whose conflict motivated by ISIS’s online propaganda. One of the most significant and successful way ISIS used to call Muslim to fighting against Western countries is to tap into the belief of Sunni Muslim, especially young people. By the end of 2015, they received about 25,000 foreigners from Arab countries and about 5,000 people from Western countries. (Daniel Byman. P.80).
In “what ISIS reality wants,” Graeme Wood says: “The reality is that the Islamic State is Islamic, Very Islamic.” For me, this state is not true in its reality. The ISIS is not Islamic for some reasons. Firstly, they are wrong in their activities which is contrary from the teaching in Koran. In an interview of Sally Armstrong with an ISIS prisoner he wrote in his article namely “The real face of ISIS”, the prisoner says, “Islam is not a religion of killing. ‘We invite people to Allah if they refuse to convert’ from one of what they call the People of the Book religions: Christians and Jews- ‘they have to pay a ransom and get off the land.” In fact, ISIS has executed many Christians and innocent people in their
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