Essay On Italian Immigrants In Philadelphia

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In a discussion in class, we talked about how we would investigate why certain groups of people or located in certain sections of the city. As a class we made city maps, my map shared many sections of the city. However, what I noticed is that my map was empty in certain places that I do not identify with. One section in particular was South Philadelphia, as Italian and Irish people mainly live there. I hardly visit that part of the city and had my first steak this year. This intrigued my interest to investigate Italians in Philadelphia. I will investigate the history of how the Italian immigrants made it to my city. Italians have been a part of the view in Philadelphia since colonial times. In 1665, a group of Italian Protestants came to New Sweden seeking religious asylum. Philadelphia and Delaware were all part of the same New Sweden. It is assumed that many from the original group of 150 came to live in Philadelphia when the English took over Philadelphia. William Penn believed in religious freedom and had visited Italy as a Quakers. Many early Italians were able to pray with French and other European Catholics later when the Establishment of Old St. Joseph’s Church in 1733 was built. In 1758, the first Italian was christened at Old St. Joseph’s. The First Italian Catholic Church was held in the basement was the meeting place for…show more content…
During this time, Italian American were looking to separate themselves from African American. The main priority was to separate themselves from the “Turks” in America. America differentiated people by color and this opportunity led the children to follow suit of the separation. Many were able to reclaim the citizenship of their parents who had been native here a generation before the 1960s. In the 1970's, the Italian population risen to over 600,000 people. Representing one third of the city' population. Frank Rizzo became the first Italian American
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