Essay On Jane Murphy

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Obama believes that students should be able to use whatever restroom they feel comfortable using. He wants to make sure that every student is treated with dignity. “We’re talking about kids. And anybody who has been in high school, who's been a parent, I think should realize that kids who are sometimes in the minority, kids who have a different sexual orientation or are transgender, are subject to a lot of bullying“ says Barack Obama. “They are vulnerable” says Obama. “ And I think that's part of our obligation as a society to make sure that everybody is treated fairly and our kids are loved, and protected , and their dignity is affirmed”. However, according to the New York Times, there is a general view that Conservatives believe that this action is…show more content…
She is currently a sophomore who fully supports transgender students being able to use whatever bathroom they feel comfortable in. She says that Mount Pleasant is “surprisingly liberal” considering it is also in the south. Murphy believes that the environment she was brought up in helped her realize who she was. When Murphy first heard about the bathroom law in North Carolina that forced anyone who is transgender to use the restroom of their biological sex , she was “in shock to outrage”. Murphy thinks that allowing transgender students to use whatever restroom the feel comfortable using is a good thing based on her experience. One day after school Sarah Jane Murphy worked up the courage to use the women's restroom. She says that she was not ashamed but rather concerned about the weird looks she would get if she were to do this when people were around. She believes that the new bathroom policy will have a positive effect on the community. Having this kind of openness in the community will hopefully get parents involved in supporting expression and individual choices such as
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