Essay On Jewish Discrimination

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The Discrimination of Jews
Between 1939 and 1945 Jews were greatly discriminated and affected by how their lives were about to change. Jews were living a normal life until the German government began enforcing laws and affecting all Jews. These examples explain how Jews were treated and hurt by people just because they were Jewish. Jews were treated poorly before and during the Holocaust, and this made a big impact on Jews today. First, there were many many laws that were implemented against Jews. Next, the German government began to enforce social laws against Jews. Finally, the German government attempted to separated Jews from the rest of society.
First, there were many many laws that were implemented against Jews. During and before the
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Before the Holocaust, people began viewing Jews differently. The German government decided to make “camps” for the Jews to keep them away from the other people in the community. These places were called Jewish Ghettos, where the government placed all the Jews to live. The people in the Ghettos were very upset with this change and one man said, “ We have entered into a new life, we are separated from the world and driven out of society, and the human race,” (Facing History 2). All of the Jews were forced to leave their homes and move to these Ghettos. They had guards all around them and barbed wire fences. In conclusion, the Jews were forced into the horrible places where they weren't allowed to leave. Overall, Jews were treated very poorly and this made a big impact on Jews today. There were many laws that were many social laws that were implemented against Jews and at the same time Jews were being separated from the rest of society. As Hitler showed how he hated Jews, the other Germans followed along with him. People began viewing Jews as horrible monsters who had no point in being alive. As people joined with Hitler their power got stronger and stronger allowing them to treat Jews this way and affect everyone around them. All of these things greatly impacted Jews and stopped them from living a normal
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