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The Anti Nazi Jewish Underground

They were being hunted and chased by evil men all across Europe. They were looking for someplace to hide, to rest. These were the Jews of the early 1940's, chased by Hitler's Nazi soldiers. It was the Jewish Underground started by loving, caring, and daring Christians, who reached out and took in those in desperate need. It was the early 1940's and WWII was raging through all of Europe. On May 10, 1940, the dreaded attack on Holland came. It was then, with Hitler's men patrolling the streets and the curfews and ration cards, that the Jews had to seek their cover. Immense amount of Jews and only a few willing Christians to do the job. Many Jews were taken and brought to concentration camps before there was any help, others were caught in hiding and were taken to prison along with the people helping them. After a short while, a large web of underground
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They survived because of hiding places, fake identities, and because of the help of loving people. Because of these ways of survival, they faced constant fear and danger. They lived a life in the shadows and for some of them it was the end. Others survived for they had God on their side. Jews suffered many hard times in their hiding places but they discovered an even better and stronger hiding place for them and their descendants.

The Jewish Underground system worked in full swing for about five years straight. When it finally slowed down was when the allied advancement slowly started to push the Germans back to their home territory. All the time, Underground workers were in jeapordy of their own lives and the Jews they were hiding. One mistake, one default, one wrong move or word could endanger hundreds of lives. So exact was the work of God's people, and it may not have happened or worked out if it weren't for people's belief in God and His will.

By: Mitchell
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