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Employment Opportunities The Career and Internship Center at UW provides students with the opportunity to gain a job, especially through their HuskyJobs system, a database that tells students any job openings or internships all over campus. The jobs with the most availability on campus are in the library, housing and food services, department of recreational sports, the university bookstore, and the UW foundation - student calling system. However, some of the academic apartments also offer internships to students, and those positions are very competitive since it gives a boost to one’s career, but there are also job opportunities in the athletic department. Compared to other schools, there are definitely many on campus job…show more content…
They have rowing, golf, cross country, and beach volleyball, just to name a few of the sports that are available at the school. Currently, their football team is doing pretty well, as they are seeded in the top 25 of Division I football and are in the hunt to go to the BCS playoffs. In addition to intercollegiate sports, UW also offers intramural sports and club sports. For their intramural sports, they offer everything from basketball to softball to soccer, but one thing that did catch my eye was that they have a 6 feet and under intramural basketball league, which is something I had never seen before. For their club sports, they are student led organizations that compete against other colleges. They club sports that they offer are sports that are in demand by the students, and not all of the common, classic sports are available as club sports. For example, they don’t offer basketball as a club sport, nor softball, but they do offer water polo, ice hockey, and kayaking, which must be sports that have a large enough student backing in order to be club sports. Club sports are competitive, as they do compete against other colleges, so I don’t think I am good enough to play a club sport, but I would definitely like to get involved in intramural sports when I go to college, since they sounds fun and a good way to socialize. Greek Life at UW is relatively popular, as there are over 30
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