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Originally, stories were told orally generation to generation; they were used to warn, teach, act as entertainment, spread religion, share history, and memories. As writing became more prominent, stories consisted of records, history, some sciences and poems, myths, legends, religious texts, it stayed that way for a long time. The Muskogee people were forced into Oklahoma in the mid-1800s after the trail of tears. Before that, the Creek people had a collection of myths and legends that shared their culture and history. Joy Harjo was born long after the trail of tears but continues to tell imaginative and deep stories much like her ancestor’s. More recently, as writing has become widespread, literature has come to be about anything the…show more content…
King claims “constant reading will pull you into a place where you can write eagerly and without self-consciousness (JTC 83).” Joe Suina’s And then I went to School allowed readers to understand what life might have been like for a child in the pueblo in the 1950’s. The audience can also see Suina’s emotion and reactions to the new experiences and how they conflicted with his family life. Different examples of memoir give readers a glimpse into their lives and learn from them.
New directions in Teaching Memoir, published in 2007, by Dawn Latta Kirby and Dan Kirby, would most likely describe Crazy Brave as a “blurred genre” because it is an example of, “genre hybridization (that) has been created by writers who merge their ability to write about their observations in the natural world and at the same time, in the same one book, author memoir (Kirby and Kirby)”. Joy Harjo creates an enigmatic childhood history in Crazy Brave. She includes dreams, poems, and mixed time frames to show her emotional and traumatic past. With these examples of memoir, interpretation can begin to become productive.
Joy Harjo’s Crazy Brave is a complex example of genre and needs to be deeply analyzed to recognize its full purpose. Barwarshi and Reiff have created a set of guidelines to allow writers to analyze genre; it gives readers, especially beginners, a confident approach to genre. They suggest
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