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The Venezuelan telenovela series “Juana la Virgen”, was adapted into a new CW series called “Jane the Virgin”. The creator, Jennie Snyder Urman, has taken the plot of the original series and has put in different obstacles and ‘new fun twists’ to her show ( The show revolves around a young, aspiring teacher named Jane Villanueva. Jane is a 23 year old, Catholic, Latina residing in Miami, Florida. Being in a serious relationship of two years with her boyfriend Michael, she has always worked hard to follow the footsteps of her grandmother, who is also Catholic and Latina, as she remains abstinent until marriage. However, her gynecologist, Dr. Luisa Alver, mistakes her for another patient and inseminates her with her boss’s sperm during at her routinely check up ( During the series, Jane faces many complicated situations during her pregnancy and even after. The show touches on real life matters that are controversial and sensitive. Will Jane keep this child or perform an abortion? Should Jane attempt to raise the child or will she feel morally compelled to give the biological father the opportunity to…show more content…
She reveals that she has avoided roles that could be a wrongful portrayal of Latinos. “That’s something I didn’t want to contribute to, the incorrect perception of a culture.” she tells The New York Times. Just a year later Gina is offered the role of Jane in CW series, “Jane the Virgin” which premiered October 13, 2014. Gina fell in absolute love with the role because it showed a different generation of Latinos and Latinas that did not fall into your average stereotype. Gina tells the Los Angeles Times that the creator, Jennie Snyder Urman, “encompassed the culture that first-,second- and third-generation story of people who hear Spanish at home, have the traditional food at home, then have hamburgers and hot dogs outside the home and speak

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