Essay On Juicing

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The FDA daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables is 2 to 4 daily. How many upstanding citizens actually get that on a daily basis? Does a hamburger’s tomato and lettuce count? How about the salsa on a burrito? What actually counts as a serving? From personal experience, the reality of our daily intake does not come close to 2 servings let alone 4.What if a person’s daily nutritional needs could be acquired with a glass of juice. Juicing is often regarded as a fad diet, made famous by Dr. Oz and the Kardashians. When, in actuality, juicing is a holistic way of curing ailments, detoxifying the body, as well as an easy means of getting the daily amount of necessary vitamins to remain healthy. To begin with, juicing is a holistic way of curing ailments. Max Gerson a German doctor, began experimenting with juicing after he…show more content…
Not to mention raw juices are easily processed by the body compared to synthetic vitamins and can prevent chronic disease more effectively when put up against supplements. Plus, juicing is an easier and faster alternative to eating regular, whole fruits. Texture and taste can be off putting so, if juiced, the taste can be masked by other fruits or veggies. To be concise, juicing is just as healthy, if not healthier, than eating regular fruits and vegetables. It is a way of life that not only is beneficial to your health but also to the well-being of your mind. Through Dr. Max Gerson’s findings, it disproves the notion juicing is just a fad diet. Juicing has the ability to heal, detoxify and deliver ample amounts of vitamins and nutrients needed in just one glass. So next time, instead of having a V8, juice at home, its a surefire way to live a long and healthy way of
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