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The Jungle Books - The First Jungle Book & The Second Jungle book - is a collection of short stories, several of which have the same protagonist, by Rudyard Kipling, first published in 1894 and 1895 respectively. The stories that are relevant to this essay will focus on take place in the jungles of India and in a bungalow in the 19th century. The "Mowgli" stories tell the story of a boy, found and raised in the junlge, whose primal life is full of adventures, all the while struggeling with his own humanity. Meanwhile, "RIkkiTikki-Tavi" is about a mongoose, seperated from his family, who ends up with a British family whom he must protect from the local fauna. These stories, and many other by Kipling, have been written with children in mind and are thus considered…show more content…
Therefore, one could discuss whether or not The Jungle Books is befitting for children or not in current times. Is Mowgli a good rolemodel for children? Are the stories perhaps a wee bit imperialistic? This essay will examine the short stories, through its use of symbolism and the themes present, to discuss why The Jungle Books are usually, and not always, regarded as children's literature. When we think about children's literature, we usually think of an easy-to-read book with lively and fun characters who can be seen as a positive influence on the children. If the main character is not able to handle himself, or herself, in a proper manner, then that will reflect on the child who see them as their heroes. Also, the moral of the story is most often a positive one so that the readers can learn from it and use it in their lives. While the morals are most often positive these days, it was not always so. With time literature changes, and children's literature from the 19 th century is quite different from children's literature in the 21 st
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