Essay On Jury Nullification

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In April of 2010, Mr. Cornell had his home raided by police where 1/16th of an ounce of marijuana had been found – not enough to roll a joint. None of the potential jurors called for the case where willing to consider convicting someone for possessing a very small amount of marijuana.[1]

November 16th 2010, Touray Cornell from Montana, breathed a sigh of relief and smiled as Judge “Dusty” Deschamps convened his court to report that out of all the potential jurors who had been called, not one would be willing to convict Mr. Cornell. Dumbfounded by the jurors’ decision, the District Attorney quickly spoke to Mr. Cornell’s defense counsel and an immediate plea deal was made. Mr. Cornell walked out free without admitting guilt and without probation.

Mr. Cornell witnessed the power of Jury Nullification, a show of citizen’s power through the legal system have a long and storied history in America. it is the power of Jury nullification and Mr. Cornell saw a version of that power first hand.

What is Jury Nullification?
Jury Nullification is commonly understood in criminal law as a situation where a jury chose to acquit a defendant of charges brought by the state, even though the jurors believe the defendant committed the illegal act. Due to the 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, people cannot be tried twice for the same crime. A type of “Jury Nullification” may also occur as in Mr. Cornell’s case where no juror can be found out of a pool of potential jurors who will
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