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The History Of Juvenile Gangs Jerry L. Page East Carolina University Introduction The History Of Juvenile Gangs Gang Types Over the course of history, there have been many gangs that have come to light. There are three different types of gangs that have been around for many years. These gangs are politicized gangs, neo-Nazism gangs, and street gangs. Politicized gangs promote political change by making other citizens scared of them. Street gangs are commonly known to cause violence. Neo-Nazism gangs are known as “skinhead groups” that are commonly known for their hate crimes. These gangs may look different and may also function differently, but most of the time they all have something in common. That something is…show more content…
This is because in these areas you normally find gangs that are already formed and from this comes the risk of young juveniles being introduced and even initiated into these gangs. A juvenile’s environment plays a big roll in gang initiations. There are some instances in which the broken windows theory comes into effect in bad or run down neighborhoods which causes some juveniles or juvenile gangs to break into vehicles and homes and stealing. Some gangs may use activities like this as acts of initiation, but some could be more violent. Although this is a big factor, family, school, gender, and race are also big factors that contribute to these juvenile actions. Social Factors In some instances there are times where the parent may be absent from the juvenile’s life causing that juvenile to act in a manner to do what he or she pleases.This stems from the “free will” approach within the rational choice theory. Juveniles also look at how their parents treat each other, and if there is a history of issues within the family, child victimization, or even low education and poor discipline issues, juveniles or more likely to get involved in things that they typically should not be involved in such as gangs and other delinquent acts. It is said that seventy percent to eighty percent of juvenile offenders had abusive backgrounds. These issues within these abusive families could lead to disruptions within

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