Essay On Juveniles Tried As Adults

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At the end of the 19th Century, the U.S. made legal history when the world's first juvenile court opened in Chicago(Horwitz-Prisco). The court was founded on two basic principles. First, juveniles lacked the maturity to take responsibility for their actions the way adults could. Second, because their character was not yet fully developed, they could be rehabilitated more successfully than adult criminals. More than a century later, these principles remain the benchmarks of juvenile justice in the United States(Horowitz-Prisco).In recent years, however, a growing number of juvenile criminals are being tried as adults. In part this stems from public outrage against children who are committing violent crimes. Many young children in America are…show more content…
Juveniles are not prepared mentally for adult court. There brains are not fully matured to understand everything about an adult case. In an article about juveniles being tried as adults in criminal court emphasized that juveniles are significantly different from adults(Eberhardt).Juveniles have to finish living their young lives and learn life lessons before they should be tried as adults. Before the justice system tries them as adults, they should be given the proper knowledge about life and things such as the justice system. In another article about juveniles being tried as adults, it spoke about how Americans have accepted that juveniles are different from adults (Okonkwo). Well, if juveniles are different from adults why are the justice systems across America trying them as adults in criminal court. It just doesn't make any sense. Everyday the justice system is takes advantage of juveniles by trying them as adults in criminal court.It is a shame because it is obvious that juveniles are not ready for for an adult court. They are not mature enough, they deserve a chance at learning about every element of the justice system that could possibly affect their lives. It is mandatory that the country takes action and solve this crisis because it is killing the future of
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