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KFC Corporation is one of the worldwide most known chicken restaurant network by owning more than 12 million clients and customers throughout 109 countries in the globe. Approximately 5.200 restaurant chains of KFC operate in the United States and around 15.000 units are located in the world.
By being known the world’s hugest and most popular chicken restaurant, KFC fundamentally offers chicken pieces, wraps, plates of mixed greens and sandwiches. The quantity of franchised employees of KFC is more than 200 thousand in the world. While the corporation’s essential concentration is seared chicken and it is famous for its Original Recipe fried chicken, KFC additionally offers a line of barbecued and broiled chicken items, side dishes and treats.
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Within the countries, KFC attempted to beautify quality standard of junk-food restaurants to trade mindset of human beings that they suppose KFC is fast food.
c. Place
Most KFC restaurants and the relevant places are placed inside the shopping malls, the petrol, and lodging routes.
d. Merchandising and Promotion
By promoting the corporation quietly by different types together with television programs, internet, public relation and many others, furthermore, KFC innovate the new menu servicing set which is a special menu set being known less expensive than ordinary.
• Industry trends affecting both company and its suppliers

By being the world's largest chicken supply chain network in terms of restaurants system and third biggest junk-food chain, with more than 9,000 in both establishment and organization claimed restaurants and eatery networks through the world, the corporation works within the territory of 68 nations via essentially demonstrating that KFC’s potential to address the necessities of its clients is in the highest level by contrasting its partner
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KFC, being a "megastar framework (megastar system)" by giving a preference of alternative carriers, which is specially for a worldwide assessment of company management framework in China ranging from the date of 1996, complete usage of the company.
This evaluation framework contains of five different areas: quality, specialization, economic, dependability, and correspondence. Every three to six months of consistent appraisal and evaluation at some point of the time had been, from KFC's specialized workplace and the acquiring division have been evaluated in the direction of the end of the composite value will determine the provider of the volume of business within the following year in the percentage.

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