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KASAPREKO COMPANY LIMITED (KCL) founded in 1989 in Nungua by Dr. Kwabena Adjei is one of the leading and successful alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverage producing companies in Ghana and also, is the leading herbal drink manufacturer in Ghana. As a member of the Ghana Club 100, Kasapreko is a true representation of an authentically Ghanaian corporate brand. The business was birthed out of a goal to provide quality drinks at affordable prices for the Ghanaian; a vision that has now expanded to a global focus. Today Kasapreko has products sold worldwide under a variety of brands in the bitters, whisky, gin, liqueur, brandy and wine drink categories. Our brands are celebrated in Africa and across the world. The Vision of Kasapreko’s company differ from…show more content…
locally in West Africa and beyond, management of the company has decided to expand operations. The company’s expectations in terms of taste, quality, safety and packaging are very high, according to the Marketing Manager Mr. Gerald Baffour Awuah Bonsu. Alomo Bitters being their flagship brand lead the pack compared with other bitters. Even though the economy is not doing well, Kasapreko is still on its feet, sales in Ghana and Africa is improving. TARGET Alomo targets mainly the male folk, especially the middle-aged and elderly since it is rich in herbs and roots. Hence its bitter taste. Poor media engagements: The million-dollar brewery is actually one of the largest in Ghana. This is an information that should have been well communicated in the media, through the engagement of a reputable PR firm. There were widespread damaging comments in the media about the brand over a year ago. Talks about fakes of the product and it being harmful for consumption filled the air, and yet no proper response came from the company to shut down these claims. Their inaction led to many losing confidence in the
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