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Katy Migiro's news article is about a newly designed drug that could help infected children who have Tuberculosis in Kenya. The article was dated back on September 27, 2016; it is still relevant today and the article link is still posted on Thomson Reuters’ website. Thomson Reuters Foundation is an independent mass news media company and not known to be affiliated itself with another newsgroup. However, Thomson Reuters Foundation was rumored to be biased on a few selected issues. However, Migiro’s article about the Tuberculosis in Kenya does not appear to be partisan or propaganda; it only conveys the facts to the public. Additionally, the BBC News Group used Migiro's article on their own website. That means she is a well-informed journalist…show more content…
She is currently employed by the Thomson Reuters Foundation as their main correspondent in East Africa, being part of Reuters since 2010. Prior to being employed in Reuters, Magiro previously worked in the United Nations as a radio journalist in East Africa back in 2007-08. Furthermore, she lived in Kenya for 10 years and attended United States International University, where she received an International Relations Master’s Degree. Additionally, I stumbled on her social media: Twitter and Facebook. She mainly uses it to share her blogs and news. She does use vivid and descriptive words in her writing “Kenya is a high burden TB country, with nearly 7,000 cases reported in infants and children in 2015. Children under five have the greatest risk of severe infection and death” (Migirio 322). It seems her statement was accurate because she has taken most of her research from credible sources. Throughout her article, she does not convey any personal comments or insinuate bias in her writing. Migirio’s main agenda on Reuters is to correspond on Kenya’s issues such as women's rights, humanitarian and government. Therefore, she is a well-experienced journalist and her main purpose of the article is to inform the public about the danger of TB’s to children and adults when not
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