Essay On Kelsier's Mistborn

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Vin is becoming a very powerful Mistborn. She surprises Kelsier and her tutors with her ability to learn and do things with metal quickly. She is starting to put behind her difficult “childhood” and is willing to help others. She is helping Kelsier to gather important information from the nobles. This is done by Vin acting as a noble named Lady Valette. She has caught the attention of a young man named Lord Elend Venture. He is one of the highest ranked and most important Nobles ever, and he likes Vin. Two people have given her handkerchiefs, this is a courting gesture, it shows that you have a lot of interest in the other person. Kelsier has gathered an army of skaa rebels and one rash move from one of his generals killed over 7,000 skaa and Kelsier was rather put out about the occurring events. Vin has realized she likes Elend. Mistborn has gotten a lot more interesting, it isn't boring like the beginning at all. I really love this book and many of the characters have developed a lot. They are very different from who they were at the start of…show more content…
He is a natural leader. Everyone looks up to him and even if he accidentally makes a mistake people don’t automatically judge or lose faith in him. “Kelsier was central to it all. He was the one who organized, the one who took all of the wild brainstorming and turned it into a viable operation. He was the leader. The genius.”-Mistborn This is Elend Ventures thoughts on Kelsier.” He is also brave, strong and never gives up. I have these qualities but being leader, especially in this world is important. We need good leaders, not corrupt ones. Kelsier was a good, faithful leader and Everyone liked him for his efforts to change the world for the better. Evil people will always resent those who are good but it is important to try to still do good in all circumstances. Don’t let those who want to tear people down win. This is want I am working on and want to improve
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