Essay On Kill Your Own By Toni Morrison Essay

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Infanticide-To kill your own Toni Morrison 's "Beloved," is a story of trying to move forward, only to end up being haunted by the past. We learn the story of Sethe, a runaway slave. The story, set in Ohio in 1873, tells of Sethes escape from slavery, and the fateful day her life took a drastic turn. To a stranger, from the outside looking in, Sethes life is as normal as it could be under the circumstances of being a runaway.. Morrison tells of Sethe 's struggle of being enslaved not only in body, but in mind and spirit also. A woman with the need and desire to protect her children. After being found by school teacher the slave owner, she ran away from, rather than returning to "Sweet Home" and a life of slavery for her children and herself, Sethe decides to do the unthinkable and kill her children and then herself. She gets caught and thrown in jail just after she slit the throat of her baby. Justifying her actions in her mind and believing in her heart that what she did was the right thing Sethe spends the next eighteen years living in a house with her living daughter Denver and "Beloved," the angry jealous ghost of her dead baby. When a strange girl shows up at their house, Denver knew instantly who she was. After all, she had been playing with her for the last eighteen years. Because of her repressed memories caused by the trauma of what she had done, Sethe did not recognize that the stranger was Beloved, the daughter she had murdered eighteen
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