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Modern vs Historical “ A leader is one who knows the way goes, and shows the way”- John C Maxwell King Tut came into rule when he was just 9 years old he started young but also died young at the age 19 no where near a normal life span the great ruler dying what seems as a unusual way, he died of a normal broken foot which then became infected leading to his sudden death Both figures played a role in life. King Tut however played the largest roll and was a better ruler. Dodi was more of a social ruler II. King Tut ruling such a large empire at such a young age shows just how responsible he can be A . King Tut was said to be a people person he gave good impressions on mostly everyone The poor King was barried in a smaller cofine because his…show more content…
King Tut had a large family with decendents all over stretching from far away King Tut had a typical sized family for royalty, he “ was the grandson of the great pharaoh Amenhotepll” his father is Akhenaten who was a controversial figure C. What a leader is a person who can have control can stay calm when things get difficult no matter what is actually going on King Tut appears to be the nost logical ruler known there is no proof of negative talk about this great ruler D. King Tut was a well known ruler, although starting his regine at nine and dying at 19 he is what i would want a ruler to be III. the meaning of a ruler does not put an age on it Dodi Fayed born into a wealthy family with numeros buisnesses Dodi’s family owns a hotel and a successful film buisness Dodi also worked for films like in “ 1981 charliots of fire and 1986’s fixas as producer B. Dodi died with one of the most loved individuals princess Diana Both Dodi and Diana were in the car not driving after having dinner in Dodis fathers hotel The car accident took place in a tunnel in paris on August 31st
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