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There is only one island in the world that can lay claim to being the home of two different countries. That island is the historic, La Hispaniola, which is home to both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. There are other islands in the world who are split between different countries, but none that contain, in entirety, two distinct nations. The island of La Hispaniola resides in the Caribbean ocean and is a part of the Greater Antilles archipelago.

Cuba is the only country in the large area of the Caribbean that has a larger land mass and population than the Dominican Republic. The land mass of the Dominican Republic measures 48,422 square kilometers and has a population which is estimated to be over ten million. The capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo. The population of Santo Domingo is over four million, making it one of the largest cities in the Caribbean. In addition to being second in size and population, the Dominican Republic also has the second largest economy in the Caribbean. Today tourism plays a large role in the economy, but in past times it was mainly based on sugar production.

The capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, was the first settlement and capital city established, not only by the Spanish, but also of any European nation. Other firsts for Santo Domingo in the New World was
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Although the Dominican Republic gained its freedom from Spain in 1821, rights for the black and mulatto population were still severely limited. Surprisingly, after independence slavery still persisted. Not long after independence, then ruler, Jose Nunez de Caceras, made plans for the Dominican Republic to join a new, but short-lived, republic - the Gran Colombia. Haiti felt threatened by this possible union and worked, in conjunction with slave revolts in the Dominican Republic, to successfully unseat Jose Nunez de
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