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Cultural Artifacts My first work is "La Primavera" written by the Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi in 1723. “La Primavera” is one of four violin concertos, each capturing moods and illustrating stories related to a specific time of year. Each section within this movement illustrate the most beautiful scenes of the spring season, including birds, babbling brooks, and a thunderstorm. (Soomo). My second work is an oil on canvas painting, titled “The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone” by Thomas Moran. “The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone” was painted in 1872 and captures the unique geological formations and diverse and extravagant colors of the Midwestern United States landscape. (Cantrell, 2014). “In an era before color photography, this…show more content…
Profession The mental health profession can be impacted by the theme, nature. Many mental health practitioners integrate characteristics of Eco therapy into their practices. Eco therapy is also referred to as nature therapy and is based on the belief that people are connected and impacted by the surrounding natural environment. Eco therapy introduces opportunity to explore relationships with Earth and its systems. The beneficial effects that are achieved through nature result from what is seen and experienced through all senses. ( Having a colorful understanding of the human experience can enhance the abilities to explore Eco therapy and its diverse impact on various populations. Humanities Resources My sources consist of Antonio Vivaldi, by Thomas Schunk, (2013); Antonio Vivaldi and the "Four Seasons" explained, by Ángeles Saavedra, (2010); Thomas “Yellowstone” Moran: Influencing Change with Art, by Megan Cantrell, (2014). Each of the chosen sources provides detailed information regarding the life and experiences of the creators of the artifacts in addition to detailed insight of the pieces of work chosen. Although each source provides detailed insight on the artifacts and the creators, the area of emphasis differs. The process used when searching for sources consisted of several approaches. One of the chosen sources was retrieved from the online database provided through SNHU

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