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Giving Large Dogs a Chance at a Long Life

Most dog lovers out there know that the larger breeds of dogs do not live as long as the smaller ones. The opposite is true for most animals. In the article publish January 11, 2017, “Why Large Dogs Live Fast-And Die Young” author Elizabeth Pennisi compares the life spans of a whale and rodent versus that of a Great Dane and a Chihuahua. Her article explores the research of students on why large breed dogs age the way they do.
New research shows that free radicals may be to blame. Cells that break down food to make molecular fuel for a growing organism, also generate energy during this process. This process of generating energy, can also cause cell damaging and cancer causing free radicals The more energy an organism produces, the more free radicals there will
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Josh Winward and Alex Ionescu from Colgate University, used 80 samples of ear clips, dewclaws and cut off tails of puppies and ear clips from older deceased dogs in large and small breeds to test this idea. With assistance from Colgate University animal physiologist Ana Jimenez, the students isolated cells from their samples and grew them in a lab for 3 weeks. Their results showed the number of free radicals and energy production was the same in the adult dogs of both breed sizes. They found that in the large breed puppies there were too many free radicals for the antioxidants to fight. Josh Winward and Alec Ionescu say this is likely due the fact that large breed puppies have a high metabolism to grow faster. The research is new but if the findings stay true they believe we may be able to prolong large breed dogs lives by supplementing antioxidants as a puppy to stop the cell damaging effects of too many free radicals due their high metabolism. The students plan on continuing their studies throughout the
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