Essay On Late Life Depression

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Xekardaki, A., Santos, M., Hof, P., Kövari, E., Bouras, C., & Giannakopoulos, P. (2012). Neuropathological substrates and structural changes in late-life depression: The impact of vascular burden. Acta Neuropathologica, 124(4), 453-64. doi: The research article is intended for improvement of clinical outcomes via administrators, physicians, emergency care providers, and allied health works such as patient care assistance, physical therapist, and occupational therapist who are actively at the point of care of patients diagnosed with strokes and showing symptoms of depression. The overall goal of the writing is to provide the healthcare professionals management…show more content…
Creating new guidelines for these specific populations of patient subjects used in this study could lead to a decrease in mortality, morbidity and suicidal rates in this population. The work captured information from diverse sources including the use of additional 155 peered review articles, some of which appears to be older than 10 years which could contain some outdated information. In essence, the article is significant in understanding the vital role of depression and the imagery of the brain arteries for at risk stroke patients and post stroke patients. The authors drew conclusions based on their three conceptually distinct models of depressive illness in the older generation, the review shows the difficulty to analyze the interaction between psychosocial determinant and biological vulnerability overtime even though, the work is still rare, the autopsy studies in the field sometimes confirmed it. The works could lead to potential new management of depression to prevent other commodities. Hanger, H. C., Wills, K. L., & Wilkinson, T. (2014). Classification of falls in stroke rehabilitation - not all falls are the same. Clinical Rehabilitation, 28(2), 183-95. doi: The article objective was to develop a new practical taxonomy of falls and determine whether different fall groups would have different outcomes. The initial work focuses on a descriptive study to examine patient
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