Essay On Latin American Imperialism

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Jasmine Elam
Mr. seitz
8-1 Social Studies
23 February 2017
Well, perhaps for the Americans it was, although they went against others words, because imperialism or colonialism was viewed negatively from an international standpoint, but they managed to take Hawaii and to keep Puerto Rico, and helping it with commonwealth. They helped Cuba out for their own independence, but managed it through its government, as well as some other Latin American countries. They also controlled the Philippines, despite the fact that they achieved their independence. Guam, and American Samoa, however is still a U.S colony today, along with Puerto Rico, and any other small islands.
The US was one of the reasons why nations stopped being imperialistic. We blocked European and Asian powers and adopted a policy of non-interference on many occasions. Europe soon followed but, China decided it was being non-imperial.
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They then did the same with Cuba, as soon as they conquered it, they left. When they invaded other Latin American countries, they left. We then purchased much of the midwest from France, then Texas joined us. Mexico then sold us most of the South West, then we ended up buying Alaska, for land, but then we found all this gold and struck it rich. Buy buying all of these territories we had many naval bases and places for boats to get fueled up. By learning all of this stuff about imperialism it’s made me notice how much it could have changed the world today if we did not have the effect of imperialism. Just think, we might have never bought Alaska, so we would have never struck it rich in Alaska, or we wouldn’t have been as supplied with naval bases and spots for cargo ships to fill up with coal, which would have given us a less chance of beating the allies. So therefor I would like to say that Imperialism was a proper and legitimate policy for the United States in the 19th
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