Essay On Laura Secord

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This is the Case of Laura Secord. This company is known because of their chocolates they sell in retail stores. Their stores were discovered in 1913 in Toronto and the name of Laura Secord means courage, devotion, loyalty. In 1983, the owner of this company was John Labatt wish is a beer company. A couple years later, John Labatt decided to sell Laura Secord to a British based confectioner that was owned by nestle in 1988. A few years later, Nestle sold it to a group ( U.S. investors). This company was the oldest and the biggest chocolates retailers in Canada. Laura Secord sells a lot of different type of chocolates. For example, premium chocolates, Truffles, ice cream, candies, nuts, boxed chocolates and gift baskets. In 2010, the
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