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When looking back on my contributions to my community and society, the thought of me becoming a certified Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) basketball coach comes to mind. After completing an interview along with certification courses, I became the head coach of a 6th grade basketball team at St. Aloysius in Bowling Green, Ohio. I classify this as a contribution to society because I made it my mission to help my players grow as both basketball players and as young men. It was my job to relay the abundance of basketball and life information I had accrued throughout the years. I took this volunteer-based position very seriously due to the importance of basketball in my life. Growing up, I had always been blessed with coaches who put developing young men and their character over anything dealing with basketball. I wanted the practices and games to be more than learning plays and basketball procedures. Rather, I wanted to instill qualities of teamwork, leadership, discipline,…show more content…
I have been presented with many different opportunities to develop my leadership. I believe that leadership is an important quality to obtain for purposes both in and out of the classroom. As a team captain of the varsity football and basketball teams, the qualities needed to be a leader were instilled in me at a rather young age. I was looked upon to be an example for my classmates and teammates both on and off of the playing field. In addition to this, I was selected to represent my class and community at the Ohio Buckeye Boys State Convention in 2012. This included a lengthy application process with an interview consisting of a 6 person panel. This event is held annually in Bowling Green, Ohio. During this convention, I was privileged with the opportunity to meet Governor John Kasich. Upon arriving home from this week long trip, I made a speech at the American Legion in my hometown of Vermilion,
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