Essay On Learned Helplessness

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Learned helplessness occurs when a person is repeatedly exposed to an aversive stimuli and feels that no matter how much they try to escape; they are not successful. Therefore, they tend to cave in since a sense of being helpless has been developed to escape the situation. Early studies on the idea of learned helplessness occurred accidently since psychologists were initially studying avoidance learning in dogs. These dogs were subject to a few foot shocks and at first would attempt to escape the shock however, these dogs later on stop attempting to escape and would submissively accept the foot shocks. Then these psychologists tried numerous situations to examine this sensation by placing the dogs in different cages where it would be easier…show more content…
Then the participants were place in a new situation where no unpleasant noise was used however, participants that were exposed to the learned helplessness condition performed worse on solving problems in the second situation than the other participants. People tend to generalize their experiences of helplessness from one situation to the next in regards to how feel about the situation and the loss of control they have towards it. Current researchers are focused on what factors influence people to develop this sense of helplessness and also goes on their mind who undergoes this interpretation of the world. The reformulation of learned helplessness theory emphasizes the importance of the thoughts that lead a person to develop feelings of helplessness. The explanatory style of the learned helplessness refers to the explanations people use to identified the causes of events. Three dimensions are used when explaining the causes of events. The first dimension identifies explanations for events as either internal or
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