Essay On Lebron James

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When the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA championship, the thought that ran through everyone’s mind was, “We finally did it.” It had been more that 50 years since Cleveland has bought home a major sports championship. The pride that we felt as the people of Northeast Ohio resonated throughout the United States, because we have finally achieved something that we thought was not possible. We owe it all to our most valuable player, Lebron James, who, without his dedication, wouldn’t have led us here. David Giffels acknowledges his iconic status in his book, “The Hard Way on Purpose.” He appeals through the use of allusion and his knowledge of James through his eyes to get his point across. Near the beginning, Giffels refers to James’ life as a Homeric epic. With the struggles in his life, Giffels sums it up as, “humble beginnings; burden of expectation; killer biceps; purpose- driven departure; grand quest; home, home, home, home, home; daddy issues; failure of pride.” Despite that, Lebron James is living the American Dream. He came up from a poor…show more content…
The fame and attention he got was startling for the many locals in Akron. Giffels began to question, “Who was he? Who were we? Were we him? Was he us? Could this be what we’ve been longing for lo these many years?” As Giffels begins to observe James more and more during the awards ceremony, James was described as an awkward kid, but Giffels understood that James was a changing boy, who would make sacrifices for the better, like “a young man being fitted for a tuxedo, trying on a shell that didn’t seem natural yet, but one that he was willing to grow into.” To any other person in Akron at that time, they would’ve described James as an “awkward” but humble kid, who, although at the time was not the greatest public speaker, was appreciative of his teammates and gave his thanks to all of those who helped him along the
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