Essay On Legal Drinking Age

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The legal drinking age should not be lowered in the United States for the safety of all humans. To move the minimum drinking age lower in the United States would mean that a very high percentage of people would need to be completely done growing. This is not always the case, meaning that people can have defects in their body because of alcohol consumption at a younger age. Certain men do not stop growing until past the age of 18 ( If the legal drinking limit was lowered any, then people who are not fully done growing will be consuming a beverage that can harm their body growth. During consumption of alcohol, many body systems are affected. According to (, blood sugar levels, reproductive functions, and bone structure…show more content…
On the contrary, the right to drink is not guaranteed just because the title of being an official adult. When one becomes 16 they are eligible to receive their license, but with this license they are not instantly allowed all of the privileges of others with a license. Likewise, when someone turns 18 he or she is not allowed to do everything that those of older ages are. Some of these activities include; gambling at a casino, adopting a child, or even purchasing a handgun. Adopting a child and purchasing a gun are both closely related to drinking alcohol because when any of these actions are performed it puts the safety of others in the hands of the beholder. The president of the United States, the person who leads the country to prosperity even has age restrictions that prohibit him or her from entering presidency consideration until the age of 35. Age restrictions are put in place to help provide the optimum flow of society while providing safety to all of those
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