Essay On Legalizing Medical Marijuana

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Legalization of Medical Marijuana The controversy on the topic is that Americans link marijuana to uneducated, unemployed, and lazy individuals who deal with addiction. Though there are valid points for the legalization of the drug, there is a worry about how the drug will affect the users. Although opponents say that legalizing medical marijuana is a “back-door method of legalizing the drug for recreational use,” the U.S. should legalize medical marijuana because it will reduce crime, increase revenue, provide more research, and will help treat numerous medical conditions. Many people think that if marijuana is legalized, there will be an “onslaught of crime.” (Delmore) Studies have shown that the legalization of marijuana has truly reduced the crime rate. Robert Morris, an associate professor of criminology at UT Dallas, said, “After controlling for a host of known factors related to changes in crime rates — we accounted for factors such as poverty, employment, education, even per capita beer sales, among other things — we found no evidence of increases in any of these crimes for states after legalizing marijuana for medical use” (Ferner). He goes on to say that the studies show that homicides and assaults have decreased because of the legalization. “The National Academy of Sciences found that THC, the active ingredient in…show more content…
The use of medical marijuana is allowed in 25 states, including the District of Columbia and Guam. Because of the legalization, crime rate is down. The legalization is actually helping the states. Revenue is increasing because of the city’s taxes on marijuana. If we are granted additional research, there will be possibility for finding a cure for cancer. The further research will create a cure using the anti-cancer properties in
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