Essay On Liberal Arts And Business Connection

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Liberal Arts and Business Connection At first glance liberal arts and business may seem to have no real connection but the underlying education and skills taught allow them to work well together. In an article entitled, Dimension of Precariousness, discussed being entrapped in a career or profession that lacks passion. The article stated that, “Entrapment can be considered as the long-lasting condition and weak part of young-adult independent professional beyond the first stages of their careers.” Choosing a professing can be challenging but the article discussed how important it is to strategize because career strategies play a major role in determining successful outcomes, but also that social relations are confirmed as also crucially…show more content…
They were able to embed liberal arts educational experience into their business curriculum and were successful in doing so. By getting an education in liberal arts and sciences students are then able to make a transition to positions of leadership in American for –profit and non-profit organizations (Paris, 2017, p. 9). Non-profits are very similar to small businesses and having a business background as well would strength a student’s ability to successful fill the position within a nonprofit. As stated previously, Washington and Lee University is one of the top liberal arts schools. It is a small, highly selective private institution and it is also the only top-tier national liberal arts college with an Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business (AAACSB)-accredited school of business. Through this school it shows that liberal arts schools are able to get accreditation in the business world and that it is not impossible to be diverse as a school. This school sets the mark of with what it has already done with making the connection with both liberal arts and business. The school itself, was founded back in 1749 and has a long history of providing business education at the undergraduate level. As of 1927, the University was accredited but the AAACSB (Diette & Kester, 2015, p.208). At the undergraduate level high-quality teaching is the highest priority of the faculty
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