Essay On Lies In The Great Gatsby

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Lies…. The biggest weapon a person can have. People can warp reality and change the way you see things. Truth might be the noblest of traits, but I do not mean truth you’ve twisted, I mean honest truth. One of my favorite stories was about the expensive price you pay for the truth. It is hard to be completely honest, so all you can do is try. In The Great Gatsby they do not care about the truth, and they only spread lies. The rich prey on those they feel superior to, and with their corruption they go through life like waves of self-centeredness. Gatsby got the worst of everything, and after dealing with it all he didn’t even get his happily ever after. No man was innocent, but Nick Carraway was pretty close. However, Nick’s pragmatic sense of life seemed hopeless in stopping the lies and cruelty, this trait left him ignorant almost the whole story. Nick’s reverence for Gatsby rooted from Gatsby’s childlike hope that led him to love the pretentious Daisy, and it was undeniable how much that affected his and Nick’s friendship, for all the bad qualities Gatsby died being one of the few good people in Nick’s eyes. Furthermore, the biggest liar of all might be Daisy, she lied to Tom, Nick and Gatsby, but while my hatred for her is strong, Tom is who truly started it all. The story is about this demented couple who destroy everything with lies and betrayal, then retreat into their vast money, and they abandon people who they hurt and even murdered. With no regard for anyone else
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