Essay On Life In Germany After Ww2

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Life in Germany changed dramatically for Jews in 1933-1939. There were many laws putin place to separate the Jews from the average German society. The biggest set of laws were byfar the Nuremburg laws. Another big event was Kristallnacht because it changed their lifedramatically after it happened. And finally the anti-Jewish policy changed their lives for theworst as well.To begin with the Nuremburg laws changed a lot of Jewish lives for the worst. The lawswere passed in 1935 as part of a new anti-Jewish policy. These made Jews a race instead of areligion. It stated “no Jew can have German related blood.” These changed Jewish lives becausethey can no longer work at certain places and the kids cannot go to whatever school they wanted.This is a problem because kids may not get an education just because their Jewish and theschools won’t accept them. It’s also a problem for parents because they may not have a job andmost likely wont be able to get one. That is a problem because then they…show more content…
There were so many un-necessary laws put into place. Jews were put into a realbad position financially and physically after these laws. They would be in bad shape financiallybecause they might have lost their jobs just because they were Jewish. They would be in badphysical shape because most of them were homeless after Kristallnacht.In conclusion Jewish life changed for the worse in Germany from 1933-1939. So manyun-necessary laws were put into effect. Also two drastic nights of terror shaped the way Jewslived their lives in Germany in 1938. I think this all could have been avoided if Hitler wasn’tchancellor of Germany but I think it has also brought to our attention how drastic things can getif we don’t monitor other nations with the
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