Essay On Liver Failure

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Liver failure is a serious condition that affects thousands of people every year. It can become life-threatening if it isn't treated as soon as possible, but still, many people choose to wait until their health plummets into a devastatingly dangerous condition before going to the doctor. This is usually because they didn't know what was happening to their body though. Because of this, it is important to know what symptoms to look out for and the treatment options that are available.


Liver failure occurs in stages. Initially, the symptoms are vague and easily overlooked. A person might notice that they don't have much of an appetite anymore because they frequently feel nauseous. Their stomach might be distended, and frequent bouts
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It can actually regenerate and renew itself in the proper healing conditions. A liver that is in a fragile state of condition should be treated very gently, so this can happen. harsh medications often do more harm than good, so many turn to natural remedies instead. One of the most common, and safest, to take is called "milk thistle extract". It comes in both capsules or tea bags, and it is very inexpensive to purchase. Don't let its cost-effectiveness fool you though. This herbal remedy has the powerful ability to flush toxins from the liver and speed its rate of healing significantly. The only side effects that occur from its use are due to the Herxheimer's reaction from the sudden flood of toxins into the body. The symptoms don't last long, but they can include stomach upset, lethargy, and frequent urination and bowel movements. The reaction can be lessened by starting with a very low dose and building up slowly to the prescribed higher amount.

Liver Transplants

If a person does not treat their liver failure in a timely manner, the damage can be so severe that a liver transplant is required. The list of people who are waiting for an organ donor is exceptionally long. It can sometimes take years for a match to be found if there is no blood-relative who is a match that will help. on top of this, there is no guarantee that a person receiving a liver transplant will be able to use the liver if their body
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