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Societies are made to rise and fall, so if they will inevitably fall why do us humans from them? William Golding is the author of an interesting novel, The Lord of the Flies, that happens to be an allegory. Golding took note of our need to form societies and elaborated on it with The Lord of the Flies. The book showed how young boys would react on a lonely island with no adults and as soon as order falls, chaos ensues. This novel incorporates the ideas of civilization by including factors key to civilization such as the conch, leadership, and power struggles.
The conch is one of the factors of civilization in the novel symbolizing what makes the rules. “—a conch; ever so expensive. I bet if you wanted to buy one, you’d have to pay pounds
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At first the group had all of those properties, however they slowly decayed over time. The boys are seen to have everything under control until the signal fire. The point in the novel where the boys seemed to lose these factors for success and as I have said their society fell. What little the boys had plunged into chaos including their friendship and alliance. What was birthed from the chaos was the death of four children, Jack’s rebel group, and a jungle fire that strangely resulted in their rescue. As said in the novel, “...Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy.” The quote at the end of novel is interpreted as the boys being stripped of their innocence, and shown just what kind of things can happen when a man is at his limit.
The novel The Lord of the Flies exceptionally depicts the rise and fall of a society. The novel also presents what young boys in isolation could do. It represents humble beginnings and chaotic times until they get rescued. When they are rescued they are portrayed as savages with the military officer in disgust at what h as seen. This novel had peered through reality to tell a gloomy tale of young boys in isolation trying desperately to survive a chaotic time, while including important factors of society and
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