Essay On Louisiana Wet Land Loss

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Louisiana Wet Land Loss

Louisiana wet land loss is caused by many things, Louisiana wet land loss includes human activities such as. Levees, logging. Mining, runoff and more. While all of these things are causing wet land loss they are harming organisms such as (Birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish). The loss of Louisiana’s wetlands is one of the most serious environmental problems facing our country today. Despite the environmental and economic importance, coastal wetlands in the eastern United States are being loss at twice the rate they are being restored. Wetland are happening because of humans, many may be surprised but, humans are a huge cause of the loss of wetlands. Some humans can careless about the wetland loss and that’s the problem, those who don’t care are
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While scientist try to find a way to restore wetland loss there are some things that us humans could do to at least try to help out like we can try not to cause so much water pollution because that is a major problem in wetland loss. We could also try not to spray toxic chemicals around wetlands on a windy day because the wind could blow the chemicals into the water and harm the animals and plants that are in the water. Until scientist come up with a better solution we could at least try to help out because little do we know humans do a lot of things that are harming our wetlands and cause wetland loss.

Louisiana is faced with many environmental problems today and wetland loss is one of them. This is damaging our environment and it is harming a lot of organisms that are living in the wetlands and it also harming people who may live near wetlands, we as people and scientist should be trying to help and figure out a way to restore and prevent our wetland loss cause it is really
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