Essay On Love And Candies

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Love and Candies
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Joan. She lived with her mother and father in the forest. They were very happy living a simple life. One day, her dad decided to leave his family to work in the city. He packed his bags and told them that he will return once he finds a home for them to live in the city with him. Joan was very sad and heartbroken that her father left them. Her favorite person in the whole world was her father and she missed him dearly. She cried herself to sleep, thinking about her father.
A few months have passed, but her father did not come back. Even her mother was very worried about her father. So, they were both determined to find her father to find out what happened to him. They went to the city in search of her father. They want to make sure that he was doing alright and that everything was good.
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Since there were no candies or shops in the forest, she was very curious about them so she asked her mother to buy her some candies. When she tasted the candies for the first time, she loved them so much. Eating candies gave her happiness. Eating candies made her forget the pain of not seeing her father for a long time.
Since then, she decided that she will only eat candies until they find her father. Even when her mother did not allow her to eat them, she will go and ask people to buy candies for her. Candies have become her favorite thing in the world. She said that since they cannot find her father, she vowed that she will only stop eating candies when her father returns. They went on every day going to every place to look for her father but they cannot find him. They asked people if they saw his father but no one saw him and they failed
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