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I personally love the fact that I can blog to Love Laced Couture 's customers. It 's like having a diary online but I get to read the responses you ladies leave and email. So Love Laced Couture has been open for business for nearly a month and it 's truly a learning experience. As a dreamer, you have this vision that you know is awesome but the hard part for me is putting the vision to work. For me, my parents always taught me that I could be anything I wanted to be. Well I went to college thinking I wanted to be a radio host. I worked hard in school and although I didn 't graduate with honors, a 3.0 was the highest GPA I ever had throughout my student career. I even got an internship with iHeartMedia, the same company that produces…show more content…
to 6 p.m. for little money. So I did what any money hungry person would do, found a salaried job that worked one hour less. Got there and by the second day on my new job, I was not happy. The boss was a female bully. (What happened to Girl Power?) She bullied any and everyone that she could but I stayed to myself and kept my head down. She didn 't like that. I didn 't want to be apart of her flock. Well that job lasted almost 2 months. Left there and got another job still making the same, with the same hours, and that lasted approximately 3 weeks. So I tried it again and got another salaried job paying a little more, and that barely lasted 2 months. It was always something and many could ask, "well what 's wrong with her?" In my new walk with Christ, I 've learned that nothing was wrong with me. Sure I had a few problems here and there and could have handled some situations better but there was nothing wrong with me. I respected my co-workers, only spoke when spoken too. Again, I kept my head down and did my work. Each job I was removed from I jumped to the next thinking that I had to have a regular job to be normal. --to survive. You ever get so caught up with life, bills, kids, etc., that you forget to ask God what 's your purpose. Are we living just to live or are we living for what we were put on this earth to do? And

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