Essay On Lowering The Cost Of Tuition

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Lowering The Cost of Tuition

College tuition needs to be lowered. The fear has set in for the new coming and current students with receiving a higher education. The amount people are paying compared to the inflation rates and where the money is going is unfair to the students of America. The United States was once ranked the top country for education, now ranks 14th.(Davidson). As a country we need to catch up to the world new standards on correct education.
Why people are against lowering the cost for tuition? The price of going is not the same for every person that goes. People in the higher class are paying the full tuition price and the lower class will get financial aid and waivers to help them pay for their tuition. It is also believed that if a college were to lower the tuition the amount of people going would spike, but it will decline. It is believed the student count will decline, because the college will become less dishignioused if it cost less to go (AEI).
Not everybody pays
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If this country wants to become the best again everyone in it needs to have a more equal and affordable chance to going to college. This is the only way as a country for us to evolve as a nation; growing in our science, engineering, and overall complex knowledge. If more people are not going, because they are incapable of paying their way into higher education, the more our country will suffer. Tuition should be lowered. Even if the price of higher education is different for every person, that does not mean that it is reasonable. Students are more hesitant with coming to school, because of the intense debt that they will be put under right at the beginning of their adulthood. The national debt to covering college and what every person has is ridiculous if America wants to stay on the higher rank of the world’s offering for education. Education should be the goal, not paying
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