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What if you had to make a decision that could end all wrong doings in a mill? In the book Lyddie, Lyddie is facing some problems in the mill like harassment, dangerous machines that can cause her serious pain and even air full of dust and Betsy a friend of Lyddie wants to show others what's happening in the mill and wants to start a petition. Lyddie should sign the petition because of the harassment and treatment of one person and the unhealthy and dangerous environment. The first reason Lyddie should sign the petition Is because girls are being harassed and not treated with respect. Lyddie is on her breakfast break talking to Betsy and Amelia when she notices Mr.Marsden is talking to one of the girls. While Lyddie is listening…show more content…
This shows Lyddie should sign the petition because of the dangerous environment. The next reason why Lyddie should sign the petition is because of the bad environment and the harmful machines. In chapter 10 it say's Lyddie is getting ready for another day and as she goes in the mill and starts working Lyddie notices it's really dusty and hard to breath in the area. It was really hard for her to breath in the mill. “Now that she thought of it, she could hardly breathe, the air was so laden with moisture and debris”(75). This quote shows that the mill is not in good condition and the air is dusty and full of lint. This can cause people to get dizzy and start coughing when being in the room. This is in the room because the mill is never kept clean. This is definitely an example of health safety and environment. Lyddie is working on the machine when it stops working and she has to put it back in place and the shuttle popped and flew at her temple which caused Lyddie to get hurt. While Lyddie is injured she is knocked out and in pain. “She remembered rethreading the shuttle and putting it back in the race, yanking the lever into its slot…Before she could think she was on the floor, blood pouring through the hair near her right temple…the shuttle, the blasted shuttle” (102). This quote shows that the machine is not safe for people to use and can cause serious harm which is not good and can be dangerous. If this injury happened some

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