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The Show It has been said that “people learn from mistakes” (Roth 21) by prestigious and successful individuals such as Dr. Bernard Roth, in an attempt to provoke people to chase their dreams despite any mistakes or obstacles. The failure of becoming eligible for the MLB draft this year is a colossal setback for players interested in being drafted. Although this is considered a failing in society’s eyes, these players have a chance to learn from there mistakes and use that knowledge to eventually get drafted in a following year. Possibly the most substantial issue that most of these athletes had to overcome would be lacking important knowledge necessary to provide a respectable run at the MLB draft. The lack of knowledge can be broken up into 3 aspects: beginning with a bad plan, having unrealistic expectations, and coasting in the baseball portion. All of these factors contribute to teaching the athletes who failed this year how to succeed next year. To begin with, athletes were doomed from the start if they did not have good workout and eating plans, along with good time management skills. According to a freshman pitcher at Northeastern Junior College, interested in the MLB draft, “I found it difficult to find a way to balance: practice, eating…show more content…
Now that these players have more experience under their belt they will have a better possibility of getting drafted because they will be prepared with an excellent plan, have a better idea at what is and is not achievable and why, and they will not coast if they are serious about making a serious run at the MLB draft. This was a goal for many young athletes this year and even though failure was the outcome this time, these hungry athletes will strive for their goal
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