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Braiden Brooks
Mr. Dunne
World History
11 December 2017
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“We may stumble and fall, but shall rise again; it should be enough if we did not run away from the battle.” (Mahatma Gandhi) Mahatma Gandhi’s nonviolent protests did change India for the better. Mahatma Gandhi was a wise man born on October 2, 1869, in western India. Around 18, Gandhi started to study law in England, but couldn’t find good payment and went back to India and started a newspaper. This is a reason that the Indians Rebelled against the British. Mahatma Gandhi grew up in Western India and was in a middle-class family. With his mother and his father. Gandhi’s parents raised him to be a devoted Hindu and Gandhi did and still was a devoted Hindu till he died. Around the age of 18 years, old Gandhi went to England to study law. He did study law and got his Barrister’s after he earned his degree he went back to India. He saw all the segregation in the India, so he created the Idea of Civil Disobedience. When he got back India he couldn’t get a well-paying job. So he started a newspaper and started putting his Ideas of Nonviolent peace into it. Over the years Gandhi changed how the Indian Congress looked on British rule.
Nonviolent protest or civil disobedience have dated back to the revolutionary war. It wasn’t called civil disobedience then, it began to actually become an idea when Mahatma Gandhi started a thing called Satyagraha or Truth Force. It was an idea to nonviolently protests against the government and laws without using force. Gandhi started to revolt and gathered followers him and to rebel against British rule.
A major action that happened was the salt march, Gandhi and 78 followers started marching down to the village called Dandi. The march grew bigger and bigger as the march continued. By the time they reached the beach the group was about two miles long. Gandhi was expecting to be arrested when he picked up a piece of mud, he wanted to be arrested. Sadly Gandhi was not arrested when he picked up the mud, so Gandhi created another plan to get arrested. He sent a letter to the British leader and told him that he and his followers were going to raid the British Salt Works. The British arrested Gandhi and some

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