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The women who had given her life for the sake of women education and is called the bravest women in the world is Malala Yousafazai. She fought for the women's rights to education and rights to freedom and is still fighting for it. On October 9, 2012, Taliban shot Malala when she was traveling to home from school but she survived and continued to speak out on the importance of education for women. ("Malala Yousafzai", 2017) Yousafzai went to a school that her dad, Ziauddin Yousafzai, had established. After the Taliban started assaulting young ladies' schools in Swat, Malala gave a discourse in Peshawar, Pakistan, in September 2008. The title of her discussion was, "How set out the Taliban take away my essential appropriate to training?" In…show more content…
During the acceptance of Noble peace prize, she decided to speak out against the Taliban for what she believes in. "We decided to raise our voice and tell them: Have you not learned, have you not learned that in the Holy Qur'an Allah says: 'If you kill one person it is as if you kill the whole humanity?' Do you not know that Mohammad, peace be upon him, the prophet of mercy, he says, 'Do not harm you or others.' ("Malala Yousafzai - Nobel Lecture", 2017) And do you not know that the very first word of the Holy Quran is the word 'Iqra', which means 'read'?”. She tells the Taliban that they are doing the wrong thing and to stop going against the teachings of Islam ("Malala's Connection to Islam", 2017).

Reinterpretation of Quran: Taliban reinterpreted the Quran by saying that Quran dictates that women should wear 'Burqa' and should be stopped from attending schools and getting the education("The theme of Islam and Its Interpretations in I Am Malala from LitCharts | The creators of SparkNotes", 2017). Malala also reinterpreted the Quran by claiming that every woman has the right to education and it is up to the women if she wants to cover her body or not. Moreover, she also questioned ' how dare the Taliban to take away her basic right to education?' She also believed that books and pens are her powerful weapons to fight against the Taliban. ("Malala Yousafzai", 2017)

Achievements: She achieved her goal of providing education to girls up to an extent as she

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