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X: A Novel Review
There comes a time in each man’s life in which he must decide who he is, who he is going to be and how he is going to live his life. X: A Novel is about the teenage years of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz-Malcom X, who later went on to become a world-renowned, and eventually martyred, human-rights activist. Malcom’s daughter; Ilyasah Shabazz along with Kekla Magoon, the co-author of this book, tells her father’s story in such a vivid way it feels as though it is possible to be right there with him. This book shows Malcom struggling with discrimination, starting a new life, and losing himself in the world of drugs and hustling.
From an awfully young age, Malcom struggled with racism and discrimination, starting out with his family’s house being burned to the ground by The Black Legion/ Ku Klux Klan. This happened because Malcom’s family lived on land that was reserved for white people, even though it was built by his father’s own hands (Shabazz & Magoon, 2016, authors note). As he was growing up, there were several times when he was
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This started out with minor changes and transformed him into somebody completely different than the 15-year-old that stepped onto the bus to Boston (Shabazz & Magoon, 2016, page 7-13). Malcom started out in Boston living with his half-sister Ella; it was a respectable life, but he wanted something more than the fake way of life that he saw everyone around him living. So, Malcom began to explore and discover new things, as he did this he came across the little neighborhood of Roxbury and became a part of what was a whole new type of community for him. In Roxbury everyone was genuine and seemed to be truly living real lives. As Malcom started hanging out there he was able to put the past behind him and in a way, start fresh. This independence was helpful to him for a little while, but it did not take incredibly long for it all to turn
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