Essay On Mama Joad In The Grapes Of Wrath

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Mama Joad has proven herself to be one of the most involved and caring characters throughout the The Grapes of Wrath written by John Steinbeck. Mama a woman who holds her family together and is constantly showing her strengths. Even Pa noticed the authority that Mama showed. She is an example of a strong mom that every family would hope to have. Within the Church, there are seven Catholic Social Justice Teachings, which include: the life and dignity of the human person; call to family, community, and participation; rights and responsibilities; option for the poor and vulnerable; the dignity of work and the rights for workers; solidarity; and care for God’s creation. A person who exemplifies the above characteristics is someone who is attempting to lead the best life that they possibly can. Mama Joad is a major character who lives by the seven tenets of Catholic Social Justice Teaching, especially call to family, rights and responsibilities, and solidarity. Throughout the story, Ma continues to show her love for her family, and follows Catholic Social Justice Teaching of call to family, community, and participation. Ma portrays her call to family the most. While the Joads were struggling to find gas money, a place to live, and suffering through the sadness of Grandpa’s death, “She walked for the family and held her head straight up for the family” (ch 13). Ma was able to hold the family together unlike anyone else. Not even Pa has the type of ease and grace

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