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The Current Situation and Protection of Manchu
The Manchu is the language of the Man people (also called Manchu people) originated in northeast China. Manchu was one of the official languages together with Chinese in the Qing Dynasty (1644AD-1912AD). Due to its own demerit in expressing and other social political reasons, nowadays there is only less than 100 people that still take Manchu as their native language. Measures have been taken by the government and scholars to save the language from extinction.
Manchu belongs to the Altaic family Tungusic Languages. According to Guo (2004), “Manchu is the only language with words in Man-Tungusic group of Altai language family” (Guo, 2004, pp. 3-4).
Manchu is spoken by the Man People. The
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First of all, Manchu is a language spoken by the Man people; According to the data of National Bureau of Statistics of the People’s Republic of China, in the 2010 census, the total population of the Man people living in China is 10,387,958 people. Protecting Manchu from extinction is a way to build the sense of recognition of the Man People.
Secondly, being the official language of the Qing Dynasty, learning Manchu is a must for studying the history of the Qing Dynasty. From the early 1600s, the Man people have left us numerous precious historic documents. As Dai (2013) mentioned, most of the official documents especially in early Qing Dynasty were written in either Manchu only or in both Manchu and Chinese. Except for official documents, there are also a large amount of private writings and letters written in Manchu. That is to say, without knowledge in Manchu, it is nearly impossible for people to have a deep understanding of the history of the last monarchy dynasty of
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