Essay On Mandatory Vaccines

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Immunizations should be mandatory in the United States because it helps families save a lot of money. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “ Vaccines cost less in time and money to obtain than infectious diseases cost in time off of work to care for a child”( The Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Vaccines are beneficial to the community. Many families can take the opportuniy to save money by allowing their kids to get vaccines. By getting vaccines for their children, parents save a lot of their money because they are not obtaining more expensive and intense medication for their children due to their children’s worse condition. If they do not receive vaccines, children can become exposed to infectious diseases that will require more energy…show more content…
By not sending these vaccines across the world to many countries, the world could suffer by being even more millions of dollars in debt. Besides saving a lot of money, these vaccines also will help many infectious diseases be eradicated.According to attorney, Amanda Z. Naprawa, “For example, the cost of per hospitilization for an infection with hameophilus influenze type B(HIB), a very serious bacterial illness, with resulting meningitis can cost over $43,000. An estimated 19,000 cases of HIB infection will be prevented over the lifetimes of children being born in 2009 because of routine immunization, saving an estimated $1.8 billion in disease-treating costs”(Amanda Z. Naprawa). Illnesses should not be left to be in children. Immediate action is required because there is always a high possibility that an illness could be a very terminal. With a very bad infection like HIB, the cost per hospitilization is beyond unaffordable. Immunizations would save chidren’s lives by getting rid of an infection before it even occurs which will save everybody a lot of money that they can not afford to lose. In fact, Immunizatins should be mandatory in the United States because it saves families a lot of
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