Essay On Marginalization

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Policy Midterm America’s Current Social Welfare Sate Valentina Leto Stony Brook University Part I: Explain briefly 8 terms or concepts Marginalization Marginalization is the social process of isolating individuals, groups, and communities. Marginalization is the way in which society oppresses minority groups through social, political, economic, and geographic means. Discrimination and prejudices exist within our nation today creating a society where marginalization exists. Some forms of discrimination can include race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, and class. Marginalized individuals are at a social and economic disadvantage and consequently are usually located in underserved communities that continue to oppress…show more content…
Those who are obtaining public assistance are in need and most of welfare checks are not collected by African American single mothers. This term is still used in conversations about the welfare state, and minority groups are constantly being portrayed as scammers collecting welfare checks. The Welfare queens are a prime example of both marginalization and intersectionality. Cultural Imperialism Cultural Imperialism is the social phenomenon of accepting and establishing one culture over another. Those who are in power set the cultural norms in American society. The set of values that people in power have establish the standards and structure of a society. The dominating culture prevails in society because regulations and policies are communicated as normal. Western civilization is the “accepted” culture in the United States, America benefits and takes from other cultures while oppressing that culture at the same time. When discussing social justice issues it seems to always lead back to asking who is in power? For example, President Donald Trump has expressed his views on American Immigrants in this country and the rejection of any culture that isn’t “western.” Yet our society takes from different cultures; fashion, food, and language but are only seen as normal when consumed by the dominant culture. Charitable Choice Charitable
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