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Maria Sklodowska, a physicist, was born on November 7, 1867, in Warsaw, Poland. Marie’s discovery of Radium, Polonium, and her work on radioactivity has become one of the most inspiring studies. Marie Curie distinguished herself as one of the leading scientists of all time during an era of gender inequity.

Marie Curie is-a-physicist-who-is-very-tenacious-and dedicated. Through scarcity, death, and prejudice, she was able to fulfill her dreams and has left the world with her mind-blowing researches.
World War I was a dreadful, traumatic war, originated in Europe which caused all non-essential research to put on hold. Marie made an important contribution during the war by using donated equipment to radiology units clinics and hospitals.

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This was a turning point in Marie’s life, where Pierre became her “motivator” throughout the numerous obstacles she had to face. Even after his death, she did not give up, therefore their efforts won’t go to waste, but will be perceived by hundreds of people.

As I was pacing back and forth to find an interesting biography, I spotted a spine of a book that was entitled “Science of Radioactivity”, and was automatically enthralled. The book included not only the biography of Marie Curie but also a detailed synopsis of the people around her. “...Pierre was only a boy...he sensed that his intelligence would flourish.” (Pasachoff, 30). Knowing how they contributed to Marie’s life was fascinating. Additionally, not only did the book include information about Marie Curie and the people of her surroundings, but the scientific elements she worked with, such as Radon. “Radon is a gaseous element....” (Pasachoff, 86). This allowed me to flourish my knowledge for a subject that I’m interested in and to learn about someone who I admire.

If Marie Curie didn’t run into any obstacles during her lifetime, how would it have affected

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